Taste of Finland

Taste of Finland

Taste of Finland is a Finnish company from Helsinki. The idea for the company has been growing for years. We work in the grocery field and during the years many of our customers and friends have pointed out their frustration for how difficult and expensive it is to send and order Finnish delicacies abroad. Many have asked if we can help with this problem. We started to investigate the possibilities and the result is Taste of Finland. We collected ideas and wishes for which Finnish products Finns or foreigners that have visited Finland would miss.

We are a Finnish company and almost all of our co-operation partners are also Finnish. We use Finnish packages and employ a Finnish graphic, Finnish web planner etc. We are proud that we can offer our customers all over the world the best Finnish treats with reliable and fast delivery.

We want to serve customers in Finland and abroad. Are you a Finn who lives abroad? Do you want to surprise your family member, friend or business partner with Finnish products? Have you fallen in love with Finland and Finnish delicacies? Then this is the right place for you. We have aimed to make our web store as clear as possible. We have emphasized the clear layout, quality photos of the products and easy shopping.

We started our business in September 2017 with different sized packages with fixed contents. We decided to have fixed contents at first because that allowed us to optimize the packages for the logistics. This solution also enabled us to collect a great amount of valuable feedback which helped us making this updated webstore to match our customers´needs better. We are now able to offer you the best Finnish treats which you can pick product by product to collect your order precisely as you wish.

We are constantly developing the service and growing our product range with help of the feedback we receive. We want to thank you for your comments and wishes we have received so far and we hope to receive them in the future also.

We wish you pleasurable moments with the most delicious delicacies from Finland.

Best regards,
Taste of Finland team

Kauppahuone Paronen Oy