The estimated delivery time for our packages is 3-6 business days, and DHL's Express Worldwide service is used to deliver the packages. The service area is Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. 

Our selection includes pre-designed delicacy boxes, but you can also assemble a box of individual products. These transport times and prices differ from each other:

1. When ordering individual products, the delivery price of the package depends on its weight, the destination country of the shipment and the destination address. Our website calculates the total price of the delivery on the basis of the address information provided therein.

2. Ordering ready-made delicacy boxes is different from ordering individual products for their cheaper shipping costs. We have set them fixed prices based on the standard sizes and weights of boxes and their packaging efficiency. The shipping cost of these boxes is 5 € for all Europe and 10 € outside Europe.

Please order our delicacy boxes separately from individual products and choose Gift Box Special Delivery as the shipping method at checkout to get cheaper shipping costs. Delicacy boxes are packed into stylish white boxes, whereas individually ordered products are shipped in yellow DHL boxes.


Notes on orders

1. Please check the import restrictions and prohibited shipments of your destination country before ordering. (Link)

2. Our transportation is not refrigerated and chocolate has a risk of melting if you are ordering to a particularly hot destination address. Please note this when making your order, as we do not replace molten products.

3. Possible customs duties and other import-related costs of the destination country are the responsibility of the receiver.

If your order lasts longer than estimated, please contact us so we can find out in the first place. We are also happy to answer all other delivery issues.